Moto X Style Notifications for other android phonesIf you like the active notifications that shows up on Moto X’s screen, you’re in luck. Great Bytes Software has just copied that functionality in an app called ActiveNotifications for Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

I immediately tested the app and here are my findings:

It’s Good!

Testing it on a Flare, the app successfully displayed notifications when I received a new SMS. Holding the notification icon will preview the contents of the SMS too.

Even taking a screenshot displays a notification. It’s just the same notifications on your status bar. If you want to select the notifications that you want to appear, you can do so. You better choose just the SMS, Phone, Email, Facebook and other important notifications for you.

For Android 4.3 Jelly Bean devices, the app has little impact on battery life. However, you are likely using a lower version of the Android OS on your phone or tablet. That will take away around 4-5% of your phone’s battery life especially if your phone is not using an OLED display.

It’s “Freemium”

You can use the app for free but some features are disabled unless you buy the full version. That will cost you just $0.99 or around Php40.

That’s a very small amount to spare for more features of this app. But you can still enjoy it for free. If you haven’t tried ActiveNotifications, here’s the Google Play link for you.