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In the Philippines, buying and selling used cars online is practically norm. Dealers and individual sellers would upload photos and the car specs, and potential buyers can window shop in the comfort of their own homes. Buyers are able to search for used cars quickly in places they ordinarily wouldn’t be aware of or even think of going to.

But because of the popularity of the internet, many similar sites are being created. The question now is, which site should you use?

In all honesty, the dealers are likely list their cars in all of the car trading websites in the Philippines to get maximum exposure. You’re basically looking at different websites with the same cars and dealers.

A great car trading website,, has amplified the competition with its many features and are still coming up with more. While it may seem the same as the next car trading website, it offers services not available with others. They offer used car evaluation, providing free consultations to buyers and sellers alike at their requestso they know how much to charge or shell out money for used car model given its year make, mileage, etc., and their friendly customer service (and by customers, these are the buyers and sellers).

Key Features

  • Quick Car Financing – guaranteed the lowest car interest rates in Metro Manila, and one of the fastest approvals.
  • Free car listing – get unlimited car listings with all the premium perks without having to pay a single centavo.
  • Customized client experience –whether or not you purchase a car through them, all of your concerns and questions will be addressed.
  • Customized seller experience – if requested, a team of “listers” will personally take photos of the car/s and take note of its status, whether available or sold, to lessen inquiries of already sold cars.