How to Solve Android’s Battery Problem

One of the biggest problems with Android phones is the short battery life. An Android phone that can last up to 24 hours of constant extensive use is already exceptional.

I own an Android phone with 1500 mAh of battery capacity. It lasts up to 4 hours only of constant gaming. But, I manage to keep it alive for up to 24 hours by doing the following:

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Phone
Do you also get more than 24 hours on your Android phone with its battery? Photo from Samsung and

Turn Off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Data Connection

These radios are one of the primary battery hogs of your Android phone. WiFi and Data Connection eats up the most out of your battery capacity among the four.

I only turn on WiFi when I know that there is a WiFi network I can connect to or if I have created one on a laptop. Bluetooth and GPS must only be turned on when your want to transfer files or use Google Map or another app that require GPS.

If you ever decide to use Data Connection, do so when you can access a 3G network. A weak signal will only make your Android phone amplify the signals more and use more battery power.

Make Your Screen Dimmer and Sleep Faster

The screen of your Android phone uses the largest percentage of its battery. It’s just logical that you should try to limit unnecessary use of your screen.

First, try to turn your screen dimmer by going to Settings > Display > Screen Brightness and move the slider to the left. If you can still enjoy the display with that setting, keep it. You can also choose the automatic brightness but that will just eat up more battery from your phone.

You can also adjust the time of inactivity before your screen turns off to just 15 seconds. That means lesser time that your phone’s screen lights up while you aren’t using it.

Disable Dual Sim or Use Airplane Mode

If you use the two sim slots of your dual sim Android phone, its battery will drain faster.

I often choose among my two sims which I will use and then disable the other one. This extends my phone’s battery life by a considerable percentage.

I even use airplane mode when I am not expecting calls but want to enjoy my phone’s music tracks.

Don’t Use a Battery Saver App

A battery saver app just puts the controls for all of what I’ve mentioned above in one place. They also group these controls and name them into different modes.

The catch is these battery saver apps will also run a process in the background that uses your battery. Hence, if you know how to turn off your phone’s WiFi and adjust its screen’s settings, there’s really no point in using one.

Battery saver apps can also have negative effects on your phone’s performance since it will kill some processes that are important for your phone to run properly.


The battery of your Android phone will run out of juice in a short time if you just let its features on even if you’re not using them. Turn off your WiFi, Data Connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. You should also consider using a single sim only and take advantage of the airplane mode. Lastly, don’t install a battery saver app if you already know how to extend your Android phone’s battery life.