Men and women can be very different at times. Above is a video that shows these differences in a clever and funny way.

Last night, my girlfriend shared this youtube video with me and I just felt that this video should be shared to a larger audience.

It’s a very simple animation composed using basic geometric shapes but the wit and humor made it interesting to watch.

The video is about the difference between men and women in how they live their everyday life. It shows how differently the two sexes go shopping, use the comfort room, come home or even prepare for a date. There’s even a very funny part where it shows the difference in the way men and women seduce each other.

The animation uses two languages, English and Italian since it is aimed at a global audience but made by an Italian animation director named Bruno Bozzetto. He is best known for his feature film entitled Allegro Non Troppo which is a parody of Disney’s Fantasia.

The embedded video above was uploaded by another Youtube user. Bruno Bozzetto has an official Youtube channel but this animation wasn’t found there.