Google Doodle Philippines Independence Day 2013

It’s June 12 and we are celebrating the 115th Independence Day of the Philippines. A lot of news about today’s celebration came out on TV but what made my day if today’s Google Doodle. It’s the declaration of independence by Emilio Aguinaldo!

The doodle is just a GIF image with a moving person at the center, waving the Philippine flag. I suppose it’s Aguinaldo but he’s alone there. I think there were other people up there.

But there was a crowd. The people are seen raising small Philippine flags and waving their hands. Some are even throwing their hats up.

The sun is depicted just like how it appears on our flag. The clouds, blue sky and color theme made me feel the essence of today’s celebration. Even if I did not go out to see any event today or rode a jeepney with a Philippine flag, I still feel that today is our Independence Day. Thanks Google Philippines.

Here’s something for people who speak Cebuano or Bisaya:

Google Search Homepage in Bisaya.