On a quick look at the issue, the statement appears to be racist but if you watch the whole show, the story becomes clear. Katherine Ryan and other comedians were tasked to deliver lines that are unlikely to be used in a cosmetics commercial.

Here’s the entire video:

Many aired their distaste to Ryan’s punchline on TV, Facebook and Twitter. But the most interesting is this one:

Katherine Ryan
Katherine Ryan

Yes, you read that right, this presumably Filipino Twitter user just threatened to kill Katherine Ryan if she sets foot here in the Philippines.

Are Filipinos really this dumb or are we just too sensitive with jokes like this? The show was all about lines that are unlikely to appear in a cosmetics commercial, that means Ryan was saying that this line is unlikely to be used by cosmetics companies in their commercials.

She did not say or even imply that Filipino children are lower than animals. She implied that if some cosmetic companies are doing this, they will be too ashamed of this practice that they will never use this in a commercial.

The worse thing is, the Twitter user’s threat to Ryan was grammatically wrong. If you’re going to threaten someone, why can’t you check the grammar of your sentence first?

This caused another Twitter user to remark:

How about you, do you think Ryan’s joke was racist or not?