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Welcome to Pinoy Techno Guide where your opinion is highly valued!

Pinoy Techno Guide started as a small blog. However, with perseverance and determination, we’ve managed to bring Pinoy Techno Guide to the Top 20 technology blogs in the Philippines.

In light of this achievement, we would like you, our readers to be more involved in Pinoy Techno Guide.

Instead of just commenting on the different posts here, you can now create your own gadget review!

Benefits of Writing a Gadget Review at Pinoy Techno Guide

Why would someone write for Pinoy Techno Guide? That is also the same question that we pondered before making this step in the life of PTG.
Here are some benefits for you:
  1. You will improve your writing skills. Writing, like many other skills, can be improved with constant practice. Each post that you make on Pinoy Techno Guide about your gadget will hone your ability to communicate your thoughts to other people.
  2. Link to your own blog. Do you have your own blog? Great! Guest blogging is the best way to build valid links to your blog and increase its ranking on Google.
  3. Monetary Rewards. If your post becomes a hit and it brings in a lot of readers, we will reward you with money from Adsense earnings from that post.

How to be a Guest Blogger at Pinoy Techno Guide

Here’s the mechanics:
  1. Fill up the application form below.
  2. Wait for a reply within 24 hours.
  3. If you are accepted, we will invite you as an author of PTG.
  4. You compose your first gadget review on PTG.
  5. Become a better writer!