MyPhone A888 Duo is a Galaxy SIII look alike at a price of just ₱ 7,499.00. Here are the full specs of myphone A888 Duo:

₱ 7,499.00 only!

Android 4.0.2 aka Ice Cream Sandwich – you can make myphone A888 Duo into a Wifi hotspot

Dual Sim – one for 3G and another for ordinary GSM
myphone a888 duo
1 GHz Mediatek MT6577 Dual-Core processor – makes myphone A888 Duo fast and able to play very clear high definition videos

4.5 inches IPS touchscreen – more screen space and wide viewing angle without discoloration of the image

Wifi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity – access internet through any establishment’s Wifi and transfer files using bluetooth and USB cord. You can also use myphone A888 to tether its internet connection to your laptop using USB cord.

8 MP Autofocus Camera and a VGA front camera – lets you capture very clear photos and high definition videos

    Pinoy Techno Guide MyPhone A888 Duo Review

    I do not own a myphone A888 Duo so I will give a review based on what I observe and hear from people who own myphone A888. 
    Myphone A888 Duo is a great Android phone that is full packed with amazing specs at a low price. It’s like a Samsung Galaxy SIII not just in looks but also in specs and features.
    Two things that I do not like with MyPhone A888 Duo though are the myphone logo and its screen. I do not like the myphone logo, you cannot do anything about it.
    The screen is not scratch resistant and the body is easily scratched too. That may be the reason why myphone is also selling those screen guards and jelly casing.

    MyPhone A888 Duo User Reviews

    Here are the reviews of myphone A888 users about their phone. These were take from personal interviews, comments on my blog posts and facebook posts.
    Simple lang myphone A888 Duo! Masaya na ako dun. Sino kaya magbibigay s’akin?
    -Jomerlyn, FB
    Myphone A888 Duo is too big for my hand and it’s not for cute girls like me.
    -Jo-anne, interview
     I want to receive a Valentine Date sponsored by MyPhone. Of course plus a Superb A888 Duo.
    -Khristian, FB
    That’s enough to get it a thumbs up from us!

    Twitter User Review for MyPhone A888 Duo

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    What can you say about MyPhone A888 Duo?