Lithium-ion batteries explode or catch fire. This is very clear with the hundreds of reports of cellphones, laptops or other gadgets exploding like time bombs and catching fire like crazy.

Here is a list of lithium-ion battery explosions and fires reported. After this, let’s tackle the ways of preventing these scenarios.

  1. Exploding iPod Nano. An iPod Nano reportedly shoot sparks and burned when its user tried to charge it in January 2008. The Government of Japan has ordered Apple to investigate the report but the Japanese were forced to make a strongly worded warning to Apple for their negligence.
  2. Torched Dell Laptop. In 2006, a large recall of laptops like Macbooks from Apple, ThinkPads from Lenovo and others from Dell. This was after a Dell Laptop was torched by its Lithium-ion battery explosion. Many consumers were not happy with this recall.
  3. LG Phone Killed a Korean Worker. In 2007, a welder in South Korea was killed when his LG Cellphone exploded and burned his heart and lungs. This report was investigated by the South Korean government but found out that it was not a cellphone accident but a murder.

How to Prevent Lithium-ion Batteries from Exploding

  • Never repair a malfunctioning lithium-ion battery
  • Use original batteries only
  • Do not overcharge your gadgets. You must not charge your gadgets for over 8 hours