I skimmed the TV channels this morning and got interested with News To Go which featured a woman from Rock Ed talking about an Animated Video of ourNational Anthem, Lupang Hinirang. For many years, I was searching for a good video of Lupang Hinirang but I could not find one.

They were all of almost the same style. The thought of having an animated video for Lupang Hinirang got me pinned down my seat watching GMA News TV’s News To Go With Howie Severino.

               The video is a project of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and RockEd Philippines, a volunteer group working to provide venues and events for alternative education. It was directed and animated by the Filipino Fantasy Artist Arnold Arre who made amazing Filipino inspired artworks such as Andong Agimat vs OndoyVehicles in the Future Philippines, Darna Lives! and many others. The minus one music was performed by the rock band Radioactive Sago Project – yes, the rock band!

               While watching the video this morning, I was in total amazement! The video started with the time before the Spaniards came into our country. This was something that Kara David of NTG also pointed out. It shows how beautiful and peaceful our lives were before the Spaniards came, how they ruined our freedom and how we fought back. It also showed how simple farmers were turned into soldiers fighting for our country’s freedom. Finally, this animated video of Lupang Hinirang shows how resilient Filipinos are – that no matter what hardships we face, we show the world that we are a nation of Heroes.

              The animated video of Lupang Hinirang is embeded below. Watch it in full screen and share what you think in the comments section below it. Have fun!

So, how do you feel with this animated video of Lupang Hinirang, our National Anthem, now? Share it in the comments below. You can also share it on Facebook and Twitter. Download Animated Lupang Hinirang (Philppine National Anthem) by RockEd Philippines.