Using a simple trick, you can change the small resolution of your netbook and make it higher. This is very useful in installing softwares that require high resolution like Adobe Premier and Games.

Do you want to install a video game on your handy netbook but you are prompted that your machine does not meet the minimum resolution needed for it to run?

Well, you are not alone. I have been disappointed so many times to find out that a game or software cannot be installed on my netbook because it does not meet the minimum required screen resolution.

Softwares that does not install on a netbook:

1. Adobe Premier
2. GTA San Andreas
3. Corel
4. Sony Vegas
5. Cyberlink PowerDirector
Change netbook resolution, increase netbook resolution.

Softwares that has limited capability in a netbook:

1. Adobe Photoshop CS5 – difficult to save your work; cannot save as other formats, only psd
2. Adobe Indesign
3. Proshow

The Solution
Thankfully, I have found a solution to this problem. Follow these steps to get two extra resolutions available for your netbook.
1. Go to Start 
2. In the search box, type run
3. A box will open and type regedit
4. You have now opened the Registry Editor. Hit Ctrl + f
5. In the search box, type Display1_DownScalingSupported
6. It will take minutes to find that registry object. When you find it, double click on it.
7. Another box will open. In the value data box, type 1
8. Click OK. Restart your netbook.
9. Congratulations! You now have two additional resolutions available. 
10. Right click on your Desktop and choose Graphics Properties. In the Display Settings, change the Screen Resolution to something higher than what you have now.
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