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How to Make a Bamboo Cannon or Lantaka

There are two types of lantaka that I know how to make, the kerosene or gaas lantaka and the kalburo lantaka. Dec 22, 2012

Can You Trust Lazada Philippines?

Whenever I open a website, a large banner of Lazada Philippines almost always comes up at the top of the webpage. Dec 22, 2012


Facebook Introduces Year In Review 2012

Dec 19, 2012

How to Increase Smartbro Internet Speed

So you wan’t a faster internet connection speed out of your smartbro stick? Well, same here. Dec 18, 2012


How to Put Nuffnang Ad inside Blog Posts

Dec 18, 2012


Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion Powerpoint Presentation and Animation

Dec 17, 2012

Why the Earth Will Not End on December 21, 2012 But Might Do So on April 13, 2036

Yes, the world will end – but not on Friday, December 21, 2012. Dec 17, 2012

Datepicker Using HTML, CSS, jQuery with Date Trappings

There are three ways to make a datepicker for your website. Dec 15, 2012


Geminids Meteor Shower Promises a Spectacular Show on December 13 and 14, 2012

Dec 11, 2012


What is Friv for School and Why You Should Play on

Dec 10, 2012


Online Services of the Philippines

Dec 10, 2012


Lithium-ion Battery Explosions and Fires

Dec 08, 2012


Dry Bath Lotion: Never Take a Bath Again, Ever!

Dec 07, 2012


Functional Groups Quiz

Dec 06, 2012

How to Solve Physics Problems – Even the Most Difficult Ones Part 2

If More Variables are Unknown, Solve them First  This is a common problem in problem solving. Dec 06, 2012


How to Solve Physics Problems – Even the Most Difficult Ones

Dec 06, 2012


Download Stellarium – Planetarium Software

Dec 05, 2012


My|phone A818 Specs, Prices and Reviews

Dec 04, 2012

How to Play Animations and Simulations Offline

Dec 02, 2012


How to Use the LCD Projector Effectively

Dec 02, 2012