About Pinoy Techno Guide

Daniel Gubalane – Pinoy Techno Guide creator and main writer.

Pinoy Techno Guide is a Pinoy tech blog that features the latest Pinoy related tech news, gadget specs, gadget reviews and tutorials.

When I started blogging on Pinoy Techno Guide one day on March 2012, it was meant to be an avenue for me to share some tricks with using a personal computer. My very first post was about how to share your internet connection with several other laptops wirelessly.

But then Pinoy Techno Guide evolved into a gadget blog when I started featuring the gadgets that I own. I made an article after a week of owning a Cherry Mobile Flare and that was read by a lot of people.

I wrote more and more about new gadgets released by the local brands like MyPhone, Cherry Mobile and Starmobile. That’s why Pinoy Techno Guide is now more on gadgets from these companies.

Of course, I don’t forget my beginnings. When Globe announced their free Facebook promo, I immediately wrote a tutorial on how to enable it in your phone.

On March 2013, I decided to quit my day job – being a high school Physics teacher. It was one of the biggest decisions in my life. But, I have no regrets since being a full time blogger on Pinoy Techno Guide is what I truly want to do.

Right now, I am happy with what I'm doing. I earn more than a public school teacher's salary and have more time for my loved ones.


  1. Hello sir,my smart bro internet is basically fast,Ive been using it for years plan 999 but it we got a 100 pesos discount because we are veteran subscriber,im even using a CDR-King router,still fast and stable,but all of a sudden it dropped and I got slower internet speed than expected,I cant even load google straight,also in facebook,my news feed wont even respond,lowest video quality on youtube wont even progress.Im not using a portable wifi or a stick.I dont know why this happened,my mom is too lazy to call the ISP,Im experiencing this problem for few days now.I want to fix this alone without calling Smart Bro.I have done everything,cleaning my history,restarting my router,switching to wired ethernet cable instead of WIFI,changing my DNS to Google's Public DNS,but nothing absolutely works.I hope you can reply and help me thanks.

    1. Hello RebornChieko1434!

      I think the best solution to your problem is to call Smart or consult the nearest Smart Wireless Center. You've already done so many things to get it fixed on your own. It's time that you demand action from Smart.

      Based on my experience, they are willing to help you resolve your problem if you just ask nicely. :)

  2. Sir! Inspiring ang last two paragraphs :)) *ninja chopping onions*

  3. you mean mas malaki pa kita mo as a blogger than being a teacher? kawawa naman ang profession na yun, considering its nobility. sigh. :(

    1. I was teaching in a private school kasi kaya more than twice pa yung kita ko as a blogger compared to teaching there. Public school teachers are paid more pero kaunti lang yung take home pay nila kasi ang daming kaltas tapos may mga loans pa...

    2. Hello Sir. Very Inspiring po blog niyo. :)

  4. Is tje myphone rio is 3,000?please send ,e a spicification of tje unit sir :-) thank you and god bless

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  6. Sir Daniel Gubalane.. can you share the method you used for the post-body? yung may boxed posts layout tsaka yung rectangular layout? Thanks!

  7. Hello po sir! May I ask po what is your blogger template.. simple and clean!! :)

    Thanks po!